Michael L. Cohen is experienced in dealing with both sides of landlord-tenant disputes and negotiations. Look to the Law Office of Michael L. Cohen to examine, draft, modify and negotiate commercial and residential leases with landlords, tenants and real estate developers.

Whether you hire Michael L. Cohen or another FL attorney, don't sign a lease or any real estate contract without an attorney experienced in real estate law.

Remember that commercial and residential leases are both drafted for the landlord rather than the tenant. 

In Commercial Leases, if it says "As Is," you can lose your entire investment in your business that you planned to put and operate in that leased property. Not only are you probably taking the property in an adverse condition physically, you are also taking the property "as is" in the laws of building and zoning regulations, and the whims of building and regulatory employees and officials. In other words, if the lease or property can be purchased, and it doesn't comply with the budding and zoning codes, you might not be able to operate your business out of that location, or you might have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make the location comply with building, governmental and zoning requirements. Buyers need to be aware of this as well. 

Avoid these costly problems and headaches in advance by hiring a Palm Beach County lawyer seasoned in negotiating to help you draft these agreements. Remember, there is no such thing as a simple, "standard" contract. If someone tells you it's a standard contract and not to worry...WORRY!

Your signature on a real estate agreement or contract is tied to your bank account. Hire an experienced, licensed Florida attorney who has dealt with these matters, before you sign any real estate agreement, contract or lease. 

Michael L. Cohen has dealt with these matters for over 40 years. 

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